Superintendent:  Brian Moore, Greenwood
Assistant Superintendent:  Tony Pearson

Breeding Swine Judge: Daryl Real
Market Swine Judge: Raymond Rice

1.  The General Rules of the Wise County Youth Fair and the following rules will govern the Swine Department.
Market Barrows and Gilts will be validated in the exhibitor or family name, with no limit on the number to be validated, the exhibitor and weight
must be declared when Weight/Breed Declaration cards are due. Only 2 head may be shown by exhibitor.
3.  Market classes are barrow only.
4.  Exhibitors must check with the Swine Superintendent upon arrival for pen assignment.  Pens will be assigned by club or chapter.
Market Barrows and Gilts must be ear tagged on County tag-in date or state validated to be eligible to show.  In the event an ear tag is lost it is the
exhibitor’s responsibility to contact the Swine Superintendent as soon as possible to have the tag replaced.  Any hog that does not have an ear tag at the
time of weigh-in will not be allowed to show.
6.  Market hogs will be classified and divided by breed then by weight after weight cards are turned in.  The Overall Grand and Reserve, plus the
Champion and Reserve from each breed will be sold, then a percent of each breed staying as close to forty-five (45) lots.  It will be divided by the total
number of swine entries in all breeds based on a percentage that will be in the sale.  Plus or minus 1.
*There will NOT be an Invitational Celebrity Showmanship show following the Market Swine show for 2021.

7. Classification will follow these guidelines:
NSR guidelines:
  Hamp, York, Duroc
Team Pure Bred guidelines:
  Spot, Poland, Burk, Chester

8.  A substitution fee of $5.00 may be paid and a substitution made upon arrival to the WCYF Secretary.


 (All breeds)

1.  Gilts under 6 months
2.  Gilts over 6 months
Champion Duroc Gilt
Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt

3.  Gilts under 6 months
4.  Gilts over 6 months
Champion Hampshire Gilt
Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt

5.  Gilts under 6 months
6.  Gilts over 6 months
Champion O.P.B.
Reserve Champion O.P.B.

7.  Gilts under 6 months
8.  Gilts over 6 months
Champion Cross Breed Gilt
Reserve Champion Cross Breed Gilt

9.  Sows

Grand Champion Female
Reserve Champion Female

Junior Showmanship, Breeding Swine
Senior Showmanship, Breeding Swine


10.  Market Hogs

Market hogs will be divided by breed.  Those breeds being:  Cross, Duroc, Hamp,  OPB and York.  
Market hogs will be classified after weight cards are turned in by a three (3) member classifying team.  
Classifiers decision is final.  Then classes will
be broke by weight. There must be ten (10) head to constitute a breed with the exception of the OPB class which must have five (5) head to  constitute
a breed .  If there is not enough pure breeds to constitute a class, they will be put in the OPB class. All pure breeds must meet breed characteristics
including ear notches that follow the major show guidelines. Any swine without ear notches will be put in the Cross Class.
At the discretion of the superintendent, OPB may be divided into white and dark classes. There must be a minimum of five (5) head to constitute a

Overall Grand Champion Market Hog
Overall Reserve Champion Market Hog
     Junior  Showmanship, Market Hog
     Senior Showmanship, Market Hog