Superintendent:  James Hubbard

Broiler Judge: Russell Thomas
The General Rules of the Wise County Youth Fair and the following rules will govern the Poultry Show.


Broiler order:
   December 3, 2018 and must be paid for at that time.

Broiler Pick up:
   January 11, 2019 (Friday)

1.  Broilers may arrive and be checked in by 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday.  Judging will begin at 9:00 a.m.  
2.  Exhibits showing definite signs of disease or health problems will be barred from the show and removed from the fair grounds.
3.  No pigeons or wildlife will be allowed.
4.  A broiler entry will consist of three (3) birds per pen, maximum of two (2) pens.
5.  .  Each participant of the broiler show must order a minimum of one (1) pen of broilers (25 birds per pen). A participant can order up to two pens of
broilers (25 birds per pen) ordered by the Superintendent but can only show a total of two (2) pens of broilers per exhibitor. All chicks will come from the
same hatch.
6.  All birds will be wing banded and bands must be in the wing at time of show for bird to be eligible. No bird will be allowed to be shown without a wing
band attached.
Broilers may be validated in a family name with exhibitor declared at time of check-in.
7.  The use of growth stimulants and/or growth hormones will result in disqualification.
There will be two (2) classes of Broilers—Pullet and Cockerel.  Each pen will consists of three (3) birds to be shown on Monday.  Minimum weight for
broilers to be eligible to show is three (3) pounds.
The top five (5) pens in each class will be sold in the auction on Saturday.
10.  An exhibitor may enter two (2) pens of broilers but, only sell one.  An individual can win grand, reserve or third, fourth, or fifth best with his/her
broiler entry, but not all five.  When winning grand champion his/her birds will not be
considered for further prizes or awards.
11.  Broilers are released after they show.


1.  Broilers



Superintendent: Monty Fitzgerald

Breeding Judge:  Sam Brush

The General Rules of the Wise County Youth Fair and the following rules will govern the Poultry Show.

1.  Bantam and Standards may arrive between 7:00-7:30 am. on Wednesday.  Judging will begin following the Broiler show. Release will be following the
2.   NO crossbred, fighting game cocks or clipped-winged chickens.
3.  All  birds must have a negative PT Test. A copy of the test papers must be presented on show day. If you need to get birds tested contact the
superintendent to do so. (940)393-8907.
4. Breeding poultry exhibits consist of singles and trios.
single may be a pullet, hen, cockerel or cock.  
5.  All entries must be removed from the barn no later than one hour after the conclusion of the show.
6.  Ribbons will be awarded to each entry on the following basis:
    Blue  90 points or above
    Red  80-89 points  
    White  70-79 points
    Yellow  69 points and below

Pullet is a female bird under one year of age.  
Hen is a female bird one year of age or over.  
 Cockerel is a male bird under one year of age.  
  Cock is a male bird one year of age or over.

2.    Standard Breed Cock
3.    Standard Breed Hen
4.    Standard Breed Cockerel
5.    Standard Breed Pullet
6.    Standard Trio
7.    Bantam Breed Cock
8.    Bantam Breed Hen
9.    Bantam Breed Cockerel
10.  Bantam Breed Pullet
11.  Bantam Trio
*A Trio consists of a cock and two hens of the same breed and owned by the same exhibitor.

All exhibitors will be eligible for showmanship.

In order to participate in the Bantam and Standard Poultry Showmanship contest, each exhibitor must do the following:
     -Complete the Poultry Knowledge Worksheet available at check in.
     -Turn in the completed Poultry Knowledge Worksheet and pick up an exhibitor number.

Showmanship ages as of January 1st:
         Juniors        13 & under
         Seniors        14—19