The Queen’s Contest committee is made up of 1 person from each of the participating school districts.
Alvord—Boyd—Bridgeport—Chico—Decatur - Paradise—Slidell—2 At-large members

Susan Williams (at large) - Chairman/Contact


1.  See General Rule #1 for eligible participants.
2.  Girls must be single.
3.  Youth Fair Queen’s contest entry forms are due by January 15, 2021.
             Rehearsal Friday, February 5, 2021 @ 6:00 pm
             Contest Saturday, February 6, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
4.  Forms MUST BE mailed to the Wise County Youth Fair.

5.  Queen candidates shall be enrolled members in their respective organization and club.
6.  Queen candidates shall enter into their respective divisions in a minimum of one category.
7.  Each contestant must complete an information sheet. Information sheets will be sent to 4-H, FCCLA and FFA leaders and teachers.
8.  Formal wear, long evening gown or dinner length dresses for the event are required. The attire for the rehearsal dinner will be posted on
your invitation mailed to the address on your application form. There are no fees to be in the Queen contest. You are there as the
representative Queen nominee. There are specific deadline dates and signatures by your club leader or teacher that have to be fulfilled to
participate as a representative. You will be required to submit 4 photos for the local papers to print of you as a candidate. Those should have
your name on the back for returning to you following this contest evening. No pass no play is enforced to participate.
9.  Each 4-H, FCCLA, and FFA chapter is limited to one entry.  The candidate must be selected by the club, by regular nomination, at a
posted election of a Queen contest nominee at a regular club meeting.
10.  Prior to running to represent you club or organization you should be aware of the following responsibilities should you be chosen at the
Queens Contest as a Wise County Youth Fair Queen for reigning over the Youth Fair week activities: To attend the rehearsal dinner hosted
the week before the Queens Contest date.
11.  The actual time for the Queens Contest will be 7 pm on the date posted by the Wise County Youth Fair. Queen candidates will be
required to arrive for dressing purposes by 6 pm. Queen Committee will be available to help get your dress numbers in place and time
allowed for a professional photographer to take your photos before guests arrive.
12.  Queens will be expected to help present awards at various Youth Fair functions throughout the week. Queens and Runner Ups will meet
with the Coordinator immediately after the contest to be given a schedule of the Youth Fair activities.
13.  Crowned queens should be aware that their functions during the crowning night have just begun. Awards, trophies, ribbons, plaques
given out during the entire week will be given by the crowned Queen and often assisted by the Queen runner up in each division: FFA,
FCCLA and 4-H. Your school will receive a form notifying them that you have been honored with being the Wise County Youth Fair Queen
or runner up and therefore recognizing your purpose for being out of classes rightfully so during the entire week. This week runs from
Monday to the WCYF Saturday sale of all from the week’s competition winning classes. All crowned Queens will attend a lunch and then
they will be introduced in the arena. These events require your presence. If you should have to miss for any reason you will be required to
call the Queen coordinator who will work to have the assisting Queen/s fill in for short periods of time. Specifically it is the Queen who
should be present at all events, shows, and ceremonies.
14.  If there should be a Friday and Saturday Rodeo tied to the Youth Fair the rodeo committee shall want to introduce you as the reigning
Youth Fair Queen so it is your privilege to attend both of these if possible.

                      2021 QUEEN CONTEST ENTRY FORM
Wise County Youth Fair
ATTN: Queen Contest Coordinator
P.O. Box 1062
Decatur, Texas  76234