Superintendent:  Haley Shurden & Kinzee Shull  

The 2021 Wise County Youth Fair Horse Show will be on Sunday and held at:        
     NRS Training Arena
     309 CR 4228
     Decatur, TX

1.  The General Rules of the Wise County Youth Fair and the following rules will govern the Horse Show.
2.  This show will be governed under the WCYF rules as well as State 4-H Horse Show rules.
3.  Any horse shown must be owned by the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s immediate family. You cannot show a friend’s horse.
4.  Exhibitors may enter all classes but will be allowed to enter only one horse per class.  
5.  Exhibitors must check in with the Horse Show Secretary
before your event begins. The secretary will assign each exhibitor an
exhibitor number card. This card must be displayed on the exhibitor’s back during all classes. Show times are at 8:30 a.m.
6.  No stallions will be allowed to show.
7.  All exhibitors must use their age as of August 31.
      Age groups are:               Juniors 3rd - 8th grade
                                           Seniors 9th - 12th grade
8.  All exhibitors must bring their current negative Coggins with them to the horse show and present it at time of check-in.
9.  Any exhibitor or parent/coach mistreating or correcting an animal which is deemed excessive by the show management will be
asked to leave the show grounds immediately and forfeit any and all show fees and premiums.
10. Must designate Teams for Ranch Sorting by 7:45 am the day of the show with the show secretary.
11. Validation papers must be mailed in by entry deadline. Papers are available online.
12.  15 teams must be entered into the Ranch Sorting to make the class. You can enter multiple times but must delcare your high
point eligibility prior to the class.

Speed Classes—8:30 a.m. Sunday
51.   Ranch Sorting (All ages)
52.   Team Roping (All ages) Heeling
53.   Team Roping (All ages) Heading
54.   Junior Tie Down Calf Roping
55.   Senior Tie Down Calf Roping (Boys only)
56.   Junior Breakaway Roping
57.   Senior Breakaway Roping (Girls only)   
58.   Junior Goat Tying
59.   Senior Goat Tying (Girls only)
60.   Junior Barrels
61.   Senior Barrels
62.   Junior Poles
63.   Senior Poles
64.   Junior Stakes
65.   Senior Stakes

All Junior Events are boys and girls combined.

The above list is the order of events.

Awards will be:
     Senior Champion Roper
     Senior Reserve Champion Roper
     Junior Champion Roper
     Junior Reserve Champion Roper
     Senior Champion Timed Horseman
     Senior Reserve Champion Timed Horseman
     Junior Champion Timed Horseman
     Junior Reserve Champion Timed Horseman

If there is a tie, it will be determined by the most first places, second places, third places.