Mission: To educate the next generation of cattle producers through real world experiences, record keeping, interviews, and tours.

Committee:        Jarrod Montford-Superintendent
                         Chad Brown, Doak Lambert


Orientation Meeting :  Summer 2019
Validation:          October 23, 2019 @ Decatur Livestock Market
Participant Industry Field Trips – Summer 2020
Interviews/Record Books – TBD
              Approx. two weeks prior to Auction

Auction:                 TBD (Oct/Nov 2020), held in conjunction with the DLM Fall Special Replacement Sale
Entry Fee:         $30 per Heifer Entry Fee at Validation
              No State Validation        
              *Each exhibitor can validate up to 5 heifers.

      Junior 3rd – 5th grade
      Intermediate 6th – 8th grade
      Senior 9th – 12th grade

      Single entry or Pen of 3, one entry per exhibitor
      *One record book per exhibitor

Buckles for Champion Herdsman & Reserve Champion Herdsman per division
Scholarship for Overall Top Honors

Judging Rubric
      Judges will be appointed by the committee and be qualified industry representatives.
      Decided by total point accumulation
100pts - knowledge of industry quiz/interview*
100pts - Record book ­– P/L record, CPA ready
100pts - 3 minute sales pitch interview
100pts ­– participation in 2 of 3 cattle industry tours (tours are 50 pts each/max 100 pts)
100pts – heifer body condition score
Total – 500 points
*All tie breakers are broken by the “knowledge of industry quiz/interview” score
We as WCYF Production Heifer Committee are responsible for developing our own judging criteria, rubrics, and score sheets

Lot Qualifications & Rules:
1.   Students must own heifers from validation to sale day.
2.   All heifers within each individual lot need to resemble each other in color, size, and kind.
3.   Heifers can be registered or commercial. If registered, exhibitors must transfer ownership papers within 45 days after date of sale.
4.   Minimum weight 500lbs at validation.
5.   At validation, all heifers must have calf hood vaccinations with bangs, metal bangs clip, and bangs tattoo must be visible. Also, all heifers must have the following vaccinations:
6.   At validation, all heifers will be tagged and genomic tested for ownership and sale reference.
7.   All females must be dehorned in order to exhibit.
8.   Heifers will not be required to be halter broken; however, the heifers must be in such deposition that would allow close viewing by the judge(s).
9.   All Heifers will be tagged with the show tags! Exhibitor must contact the committee to get replacement tags.
10. No open heifers are allowed to enter sale.
11. All animals are subject to be DNA tested at discretion of the committee.  
12. Families can validate cattle under immediate family. Each exhibitor can validate up to 5 heifers.    
13. Auctioneer has the right to split lots as he/she deems necessary. Auctioneer has final say from auction block.
14. Heifers must be a minimum of 90 days bred through calf at side.
15. Pen of 3 can have no more than a 60 day spread in gestation.
16. All heifers must be in compliance with Texas Animal Health commission at sale, must have heath papers for out of state sale and health papers stating pregnancy status and age verified
(must be age 3 years or less).
17. All sale lots will be “pen/lot” sold by the head, then times the money for the pen, or specified via the auction block. Sale lots will be determined using the approved sale formula and
allocated after all entries have arrived at the Fair and are duly qualified. Sale formula is all Grand Champions sell first, with Reserve Champions to follow. The remainder of sale is by a
random chip draw.
18. Heifers must have a BCS (Body Condition Score) of 5+. Any heifer scoring under the body conditioning score of a 5 will disqualified. All Judging will be made by industry decisions are
19. No 3 in 1’s.
20. No fake hair or dyed hair. Cattle can be washed or clipped to match/mimic Registered or Commercial industry sales norms.
21. Drug Rules - All exhibitors and their Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must abide and agree to provisions of see Release of Liability & Indemnity and Drug Certification Agreement.
22. All protests must be in writing and accompanied by a deposit of $100.00, which will be forfeited if protest is not sustained. Such protest must state plainly the cause of the complaint or
appeal, and must be delivered to the Superintendent of the Wise County Youth Fair Board immediately after the occasion for such protest. Protests will only be accepted prior to judging or
immediately at the conclusion of judging for which the protest is being raised. Any protest of eligibility as to age or breeding of animals must be filed with the Superintendent before judging.
Judging procedures will not be interrupted for protest investigation. A decision may be withheld until a thorough investigation is complete, depending on the basis of the protest.

Financial Requirements
     - A 1% commission will be retained by the Wise county Youth Fair sales. A 2% commission will be retained by the Production Replacement Heifers Sales. This 2% is to go to the
catalogue, mailing and advertising for sale. Please allot a certain percentage of your total sale profit to be retained as payment for the auctioneer and Decatur Livestock Market’s tariffs
      -In order to comply with the national and state law on Beef Check-Off, two dollar ($2.00) will be taken from the sale price of each heifer, by DLM
      -All heifers Judged in this program will be sold and become property of the buyer and will remain sold.
      I-f heifers are PO, passed out, all sale expenses associated must be paid.  

Participant Requirements:
      -All Intermediates and Seniors Must have Valid BQA Certificate, if no Valid BQA certificate is present at time of sale, student’s heifers WILL NOT be allowed on the premises or
allowed to participate in the sale.

Standing Rules:
     - Sale Catalog will go out before the sale as well as an online catalog.  It will highlight the students and their heifers’ breeding, mating and genomic rank.
      -The Production Heifer Committee reserves the right to amend these rules with the approval of the Wise County Youth Fair Board of the Wise County Production Heifer Sale.
      -All County Agricultural Agents and Ag-Science Teachers serve as advisory members to all committees in the Junior Livestock Division.