A maximum of fourteen $1,000.00 Scholarships will be awarded to one graduating Senior from each
school that has been actively involved in the Wise County Youth Fair during their high school years.  The
scholarships will be awarded at the Youth Fair prior to the auction.  Recipients will be posted and notified
of their award.  Each recipient must be present to receive the award.  In the event that a recipient cannot
be present, an alternate may be selected.
Scholarship recipients must claim their scholarships by May 31 of
the following year.

Scholarships are competitive and based on the following criteria:
1.        Academics
2.        Each year of participation in the Wise County Youth fair while in high school.
3.        Documentation of the following (limited to one page each).
a.        List of leadership opportunities.
b.        List of community service.
c.        List of major accomplishments.
4.        Essay on “Why I want this scholarship and what I will do with it.”
5.        Interview with scholarship committee on four categories of questions. Not all                    
applicants might be interviewed.

Student Name:                _________________________________________
Address:                         _________________________________________
Phone:                           _________________________________________
Date of birth:                  _________________________________________
School Attending:            _________________________________________

Years participated in Wise County Youth Fair. (Circle each year that applies.)

Freshman                Sophomore                  Junior                Senior

Materials to be submitted by February 6, 2021:
1.        Essay on “Why I want this scholarship and what I will do with it.”
2.        Official high school transcript with class rank.
3.        Copy of SAT, ACT or TSI scores confirmed by counselor’s office.
4.        Grade point averages at mid-semester of senior year.
5.        Documentation of leadership, community service, and major accomplishments.

Applications are due and must be post marked by February 6, 2021 and returned to:

          Wise County Youth Fair, Inc.
          P.O. Box 1062
          Decatur, Texas  76234

If you have any questions, please call Liz Hubbard at 940/389-5388 or 940/627-6294.

FYI:  On the things that have to be documented - a Principal (school and community activities), Youth
Director or Pastor (Church activities) must sign them.