Department M

   Dusty Naumann, Decatur

   Kody Knight

To provide an opportunity for 4-H, FFA, and VICA members to display the projects constructed in agricultural mechanics laboratories and:
     - 1. To promote the development of skills in agricultural mechanics through competition.     
     - 2. To recognize individual and group accomplishments in the area of Agricultural Mechanics.
     - 3. To provide an opportunity for the public to develop an appreciation of this important phase of FFA, 4-H, and VICA youth programs.


1. Eligible Entries: This department is open to all FFA, 4-H, and VICA members.

Projects: Projects exhibited must have been constructed by FFA, 4-H, and VICA members, under direct supervision of the Career and Technology Teacher or the County Extension Agent.

Group Entries: All projects entered must be entered under the name(s) of the exhibitor(s) who participated in the planning and construction of the project.

Individual/Group Ownership: Projects may be individually or group constructed, and may be individually or group owned.

5. Construction Date: A project may only be shown one time at the Wise County Your Fair and must have been constructed within one calendar year of the show date.

Project presentation: All projects must be painted or properly treated and must be clean and in presentable condition even though they may have been used.

Plans/Photographs: An “ORIGINAL” working plan or drawings, photographs showing stages of construction, and a bill of materials are required with each project.

Safety: Appropriate and safe display stands are to be provided for gates, panels, and other projects that need support. Sharp edges and points; such as found on self feeder roofs, bale movers, etc.; are to be padded and/or covered as necessary to prevent injury.

Move in Day: Projects must be in place by 7:00 a.m. Friday. Judging will be at 8:00 am. Projects will be released at the conclusion of the show. For any project that is too large to be unloaded by hand safely, you must contact the superintendent the week in advanced or the project will be shown on trailer.

For Sale Signs: All projects are to be identified with club exhibitor cards. Additional signs, banners, etc., are encouraged, but are subject to approval of the Committee. Items that are eligible for sale to the public should be designated by a small “For Sale” sign, not to exceed 8” x 14” and will accept silent bids.

Loss or Damage: Every precaution will be taken to protect the projects entered. However, the Wise County Youth Fair will not be responsible for any loss or damage to projects.

Judging System: The Danish will be used in judging the projects. Projects will be judged on:
     A. Workmanship 30
     B. Design and materials used 20
     C. Practicality 20
     D. Degree of difficulty 10
     E. Finish 10
     F. Plans, Bill of materials, Photos 10
               Blue 90—100, Red 80—90 points, White 70—80 points
 Judging of showmanship begins when projects arrive on the show grounds and end at the conclusion of the judging. It is expected that displays will be maintained throughout the show. Exhibitors are not to interfere with judging. It is recommended they be with their projects as they are judged to answer questions and demonstrate operation as requested by the judges. AST and CEA's are not to participate in judging activities.

Projects with engines: There is to be no more than two (2) gallons of fuel in any tank; the fuel cap is to be in place and sealed with tape; and the battery, if equipped, is to be disconnected. This applies to all engines in the exhibit area.

     Plaques will be presented to the first place projects in each division. Plaques or trophies will be also presented to the grand and reserve grand champion projects of the show.
     The Overall Grand and Reserve will sell in the auction for premium money. Exhibitor will keep possession.
     Showmanship awards will be awarded to the school or club selected as having the best public image. Awards will be given to the first and second place of the show. Major considerations in the selection of winners will be as follows:
     A. Appropriate display and presentation of projects
     B. Appropriate display of plans, bill of materials, and photographs.
     C. Housekeeping around projects.
     D. Appropriate dress.
     E. Conduct, attitude and participation of students.
               Awards will be presented 1 hour after the conclusion of the show.


Agricultural Machinery
1.  Hay handling, Spraying Equipment, Mounted or Pull Type Tractor Equipment
2.  Hydraulic Equipment
3.  Shop Equipment (electrical or manual type)
4. Truck, Tractor, and Agriculture Equipment Accessories

Livestock Equipment
5.  Gates and Livestock Panels, Cattle Guards
6.  Livestock Restraining and Handling Equipment (Squeeze chutes, blocking stands, livestock crates and head gates)
7.  Feeders (creep and self feeders, livestock or wildlife, wooden or metal)
8.  Other livestock equipment or wildlife equipment

Recreational and Creative
9.  Bar-B-Q pits (non towable)
10. Firepits and open cooking pieces
11. Creative Metal Works (metal chairs, lawn furniture, fireplace equipment, etc.)
12. Creative Wood Works (Book shelves, gun cabinets, towel holders, etc.)

Tractor Restoration
13. Tractor Restoration

Bumper Pull Type
14. Small utility trailers less than 12 foot
15. Utility and lowboy trailers over 12 foot
16. Stock Trailers
17. Multi-Bale Trailers
18. Other trailers (Welder trailers, dump beds, BBQ Pits, car haulers, etc.)

Goose Neck Type
19. Gooseneck lowboy and flatbed utility and implement trailers
20. Gooseneck stock trailers and enclosed trailers
21. Other Gooseneck trailers (Dump Trailers, Multi-Bale, Special Purpose Trailers)

*NOTE: Trailer size is determined by measuring trailer cargo space. 

AG/Automotive Power
22. Small Gas Engines (Rebuild/Refurbish)
23. Automotive/Diesel Engine (Build/Rebuild/Refurbish)
24. Electrical Mechanical (Starters, alternators, etc.)
25. Automotive Mechanical (Carburetors, etc.)
26. Automotive Accessories    

Any project not fitting into a specific class will be placed into a class at the discretion of the show superintendents.