Department W

   Leslie Vann
Assistant Superintendent:
   Steve Bradshaw

1. Refer to the General Rules for Wise County Youth Fair eligibility guidelines.

2. The Public Speaking contest is open to all 4-H, FFA and FCCLA members.

3. Contestant will be divided into three age categories. Age is determined as of August 31st of the previous calendar year.
     A) Juniors 3rd through 5th grade
     B) Intermediates 6th through 8th grade
     C) Seniors 9th through 12th grade

4. Previous winners may continue to compete in their same age division for as long as they are eligible by age for that particular division.

1. Contestants are free to choose their subject matter as long as it relates to any agricultural topic, anything that can be connected to agriculture and its way of life, or anything relating to the Fair or subjects that can be found at the Fair.

2. Contestants must present speeches composed of original material. If other sources of information are used in preparing the speech, the contestant should give source credit in the speech.

3. Manuscripts must be submitted via email to ([email protected]) no later than 24 hours after the late entry deadline closes. The subject line of the email should read as follows, "Ag Public Speaking- Exhibitor Name." Contestants who fail to submit a copy of the Manuscript with Bibliography deadline are subject to a penalty against their Total Score or disqualification.
     A) Manuscript: The manuscript must be the result of the contestant's own effort and follow the AP A style.
     B) Bibliography: A complete and accurate bibliography or works cited used in writing the speech must be attached to the manuscript and also follow the AP A style.

1. Each speech shall be a minimum of four (4) minutes and a maximum of eight (8) minutes in length. Speeches that are under four (4) minutes or over eight (8) minutes in length will be deducted one (1) point per ten seconds.

2. The judging committee will be allowed five (5) minutes to ask questions of the participants.

1. Judges will be selected from out of the county and will have knowledge on judging public speaking. Judges will be selected within the agricultural industry and/or education field and will have work experience or knowledge in said fields.

2. Dress should be business attire or official 4-H/FF A attire.

3. Contestants from each division will be drawn prior to contest by public speaking committee for speaking order. Based on number of entries, participants will be divided equally within age divisions as heats if needed.

4. Contestants will be permitted to use notes, but excessive reference to notes may result in point deductions by the judges.

5. No props, or visual aids, music, etc. will be permitted.

6. A designated timekeeper will record time used by each contestant, noting under time and overtime.

7. Each judge will be allowed to ask questions which must pertain to the contestant's speech. Each contestant will be judged on his or her ability to answer the questions.

8. Buckles will be awarded to the top one (1) Junior, top one (1) Intermediate, and top one (1) Senior Public Speaking contestants.

9. You may request a copy of your scorecard. These copies will be available two (2) weeks after the Fair and upon a written request to the Extension.

10. ENTRY DEADLINE: Follow Wise County Youth Fair Entry Guidelines.

11. Contest will be held Monday of the Youth Fair at the Decatur Church of Christ. Contestants should arrive at 9:30 am. This competition will be held 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.

12. The Top 2 participants from each division and/or heat will advance to the finals to compete for Overall Division winner starting at 4pm. Finalists will be announced at 3:30pm or as soon as the preliminary contest is complete.

13. For information on Protests please see the General Rules.

14. This contest is used as a stepping stone to encourage Wise County youth to compete in 4-H, FFA, FCCLA and major show ag public speaking contests where scholarships are awarded.

1.  Public Speaking—Junior
2.  Public Speaking—Intermediate 
3.  Public Speaking—Senior