Department T

   Janie Vawter
Assistant Superintendent:
   Dawn Swenson



1. The General Rules of the Wise County Youth Fair and the following rules will govern the Dog show.

2. Judging of classes will be done in accordance with AKC Rules as written however, specific Texas State 4-H Dog Show Rules will supersede AKC rules.

3. The 4-H dog show rules can be seen and down loaded at AKC rules can be seen and downloaded at You can also go to the WCYF web site and click on the links.

4. Age classifications are: Junior—Ages 8 & in the 3rd grade, 9, and 10 Intermediate—Ages 11, 12 and 13 Senior—Ages 14 through 18

5. Dogs entered in the show must be owned by the exhibitor or his or her immediate family (includes: sister, brother, parents or grandparents and corresponding step and half relationships: or co-owned with another individual for at least 6 months prior to the show. Whether owned by the family or co-owned with another individual, the 4-H member exhibiting the dog must have trained the dog.

6. Certificates from a licensed veterinarian indicating that the dog/s have been vaccinated against rabies within 12 months
                                             Wise County Youth Fair
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                                                Decatur, Texas 76234
Vaccination records
will be checked at registration on Show Day and must be current prior to the show or the dog will not be allowed to show and need to leave the grounds.

7. All dogs must be vaccinated against distemper, infectious hepatitis, parvovirus, Bordetella and have Heartworm preventative care.

8. Females in season will be allowed in classes. However, they will be shown at the end of the classes. Females having recently whelped will also show at the end of the classes.

9. Spayed, monorchid and neutered dogs may be shown without judging discriminations.

10. All titles dog/s have received will determine the conformation class or obedience class entered. Titles received from AKC, SKC, UKC or any recognized breed organization applies.

11.All dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times. (Excluding competition) Vicious dogs will be dismissed. NO EXCEPTIONS! Only dogs that are entered in the show will be allowed in the building.

12. A handler and dog may not show in more than one obedience class.

13. Should an exhibitor be entered in the wrong class, he or she may change that class prior to the beginning of said class. Class changes may not be made after class has begun.

14. Points for non-qualifying obedience scores will not count toward high point.

15. Tie break for high point awards will be the Obedience score. If an additional tiebreak is necessary it will be the contestants placing in their Showmanship class.

1.  Novice Junior
2.  Novice Intermediate
3.  Novice Senior
4.  Open Junior
5.  Open Intermediate
6.  Open Senior
Best Handler (1st places from classes 1-6)

7.  Puppies 6 months & under (Purebred & Non Purebred)
8.  Purebred 25#’s and under
9. Purebred 26#’s and over
10. Non-purebred 25#’s and under
11. Non-purebred 26#’s and over
12. Specials (For dogs who have a title in ANY recognized breed Association)
Best of Show (1st places form classes 7-12)

13.  Pre Novice A—Junior
14.  Pre Novice A—Intermediate
15.  Pre Novice A—Senior
16.  Pre Novice B—Junior
17.  Pre Novice B—Intermediate
18.  Pre Novice B—Senior
19.  Novice A—Junior
20.  Novice A—Intermediate
21.  Novice A—Senior
22.  Novice B—Junior
23.  Novice B—Intermediate
24.  Novice B—Senior
25.  4-H Graduate Novice—Junior
26.  4-H Graduate Novice—Intermediate
27.  4-H Graduate Novice—Senior
High in Trial (highest score from classes 13-24)
Hi-Point Junior (from all Junior classes combined—based on one dog/handler)
Hi-Point Intermediate (from all Intermediate classes combined—based on one dog/handler)
Hi-Point Senior (from all Senior classes combined—based on one dog/handler) Overall High Point (all classes combined —based on one dog/handler) Sportsmanship Award