Department N

   Brittney Hubbard Green
   Hannah Hubbard Cochran


1.  Open to all Wise County boys and girls 19 years of age and under.

2.  All contestants UNDER 9 YEARS OF AGE must be accompanied by an adult.

3.  The show will be Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

4.  All pets must be on leash or in a cage.

5.  Pets must be owned by exhibitor or person of the immediate family.

6.  All uncontrollable pets will be disqualified.

7.  Ribbons will be presented to all entries.

8.  Entry is free.

9.  Exhibitor is limited to one pet per class. 

10. Entries will be accepted until start of show.

11. Judges decision will be final.

ALL PETS—3 classes per exhibitor
1.  Best groomed 
2.  Friendliest
3.  Most unusual
4.  Best dressed (costume)
5.  Coolest trick
6.  Longest tail 
7.  Shortest tail
8.  Largest pet
9.  Smallest pet
10. Showmanship *based on performance in classes 1-9