Department V

   Jim Allsup

     Lynda Harvey

   The purpose of this division is to allow members of Wise County 4-H, FFA, & FCCLA to exhibit their skills and interests that pertain to the vastly growing horticulture industry.

   The General Rules of the Wise County Youth Fair and the following rules will govern the Horticulture show.

1. Exhibitors must follow all entry deadlines and rules set forth by the board of the Wise County Youth Fair. Including entry numbers and sale guidelines.

2. Exhibitor must submit at time of entry to the youth fair a written statement and picture of the project at start date, excluding floral arrangements. Statement will include name of plants and /or container used for project. Photograph must be clear enough to determine plant type and size at start of project. (Mailed to youth fair)

3. All projects/plants must be in the possession and executed of the exhibitor by February 1st 2023. Excluding floral arrangements.

4. All parts of the project must be executed during the current school year. Re: grown, purchased, constructed.

5. All living and fresh plant material must be insect and disease free. Any infested plants will be subject to removal of show.

6. All plants must be living. Excluding floral arrangements.

7. Exhibitor will exhibit along with project a 1 page / 1 sided summary of project to be to be placed with entry. Page may include but not limited to; example, project story, expenses, pictures.  NO EXHIBITOR NAME IS TO VISIBLE TO THE JUDGES.

8. Judging of each division will take place on day of check in.

9. Entries must have been grown in a home or school facility under the supervision of a 4-H, FFA, FCCLA Adult leader.

10. All projects must be classified into correct division at time of entry. No re-classification of project at show will be allowed.

11. Plants should show evidence of being grown in the container, such as being securely rooted in a horticulture growing media.

12. Premiums to be offered to top placing entries.

13. All exhibitors will be responsible for care of projects during show.

14. No artificial leaf polishes may be used.

15. No painting is permitted on living / fresh plant material.

16. No artificial plant material may be used. (Ex silks or dried)

17. No trademarks or insignias to be used.

18. Entries to be viewed from all sides.

19. Violation or failure to comply with any of these rules could cause a project to be sifted and removed from show.

20. All projects will be judged according to the ideal standards for that species and division rules, taking these things into mind in general.
     a. Symmetry, Fullness, and balance
     b. Maturity Stage
     c. New Growth
     d. Insect and Disease Damage
     e. Leaf Color and True Characteristics
     f. Size and General Appearance
     g. Floral Arrangements – Principles and Elements of Design.

21. Judges decisions are final.

Sale of Projects:
Overall Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Grand Champion of Horticulture Projects are eligible for the Youth Fair Sale.
*All other projects may be sold by owner at completion of the Wise County Youth Fair.
*Projects will not be released until 2:30—4:30 pm Tuesday of the Youth Fair.

     - Floral Arrangements
     - Container Grown Plants (combination of three or more plants)
     - Hanging Baskets
     - Single grown plant (Foliage, Flowering, Fruit Bearing, Vegetable Bearing, Nut Bearing)

Specific Division Rules:
1. Each division will have a set of specific rules that will pertain to the following:

2. Size – specific measurements of containers and/or plant material.

3. Floral arrangement – Form and size regulations

4. 80% of judging pertains to plant material 20% to container used.

5. Accessories may be used in entries but will be judged as part of container. Emphasis should be on living / fresh plant material.

6. Blooming plants used in projects should be in bloom.

* May only be comprised of fresh cut floral material
*Arrangements including container may be no larger than 2’X 2’. (no minimum) *Arrangements will be judged following the principles and elements of floral design. *Dried, silks, painted plant material not permitted
*No Potted plants to be used in floral Arrangements

* Container including plants may be no larger than 3’ X 3’.
* Must contain at least 3 or more species of different plant material.
* Must be able to show evidence of being grown in container since project start date. Re: rooted in horticulture media.

*Container must be no larger than 12”, width or height.
* Basket must include 2 or more different species.
* If plant species have leaders they can be no longer than 3’.
* Must be able to show evidence of being grown in container since project start date. Re: rooted in horticulture media.

*Container must be no larger than 12”, width or height.
*Single plant entry may not exceed 3’ X 3’.
* Recommendation: Flowering plants to be in bloom. Fruit, Vegetable, or Nut Bearing plants to be in production.